Happy Halloween!

SoulStarer.com's launch contest is complete! Final winners:

  1. 3 days, by JusuSama
  2. ey boss, by legojake94
  3. You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?, by bztentacles

There were actually a number of other awesome entries, but sadly I didn't see an E-mail address entered for very many of them, and would need it to send the gift reward.

For posterity, the original contest announcement is below.

Offical Release

If you haven't seen the release video, here it is!

Soul-Starer.com is now officially released. There are still some display issues with the mobile edition of the site which may be ironed out over time. Any bugs can be reported at [email protected]. Also, for release, I am holding a small contest!

Contest Rules

On Halloween, I will be taking a look at any "Soul-Starers" submitted to the website, and try to find objective "best entries". These may be based on creativity, humour, popularity, etc. Taking note of the upcoming holiday may give you an edge. The 3 top winners will receive one of the following games on Steam.

1st: Ori and the Blind Forest
2nd: Vessel (an indie puzzle game)
3rd: Pick from Bioshock, or The Ship (in other words, you're only helping clean out my Steam inventory)

In order to enter, you must include your E-mail address when creating an SSr (I gotta send the gift somewhere!). Including your E-mail may also be a useful measure if you really want to retain access to your creation beyond a computer reformat or browser cleanout; there are no reset mechanisms in place yet, but without an E-mail address stored, there would be no way to determine an SSr's owner.

caveat: I will *ONLY* be giving out rewards if more than 20 Soul Starers are created; this is just to avoid a boring situation where a half-hearted entry wins by default.

In case of low attendance or any other unforseen issues, the contest may be postponed, with all entries up through the new cutoff date being accepted.

Road Map

Depending on the full release's response, site features may be added over time. A list of current plans are as follows.