Soul-Starer is a simple "share your creation" site in which people combine an image they created/found/stole, audio to go along with it, and a very slow zoom towards a certain point on that image. It can be used to provide a creepy stare, or an amusing visual to pair up with funny audio of, say, two radio show hosts making fools of themselves.

This site was simply an idea that came to me while looking through the capabilities of HTML5. The new standards make for very cool technology, but I wanted some sort of very simple, foolproof case in which they could be used in a website that wouldn't take up an enormous percentage of my time.

Part of the goal of this site was to build it for modern browsers to save myself time. As such, I have a policy of using as little "fallback code" as possible. If a user has not kept their internet viewing software up to date within reason, they bear the consequences themselves. (This isn't meant to mock those who ARE capable of keeping their sites compatible with old standards - I'm just aware of how much time I save by not doing so)

This site was created by David Keyworth, for non-commercial purposes.